Reliable supplier of the indoor and outdoor energy saving LED lamp product series.CE,RoHS, TUV, SAA,FCC qualified. sales team:

Lightac Industry Co.,Limited

Our Teams

Sales Managers: Steven Xue, Betty Liu, Tinna Qin, Amelie Xu,Jason Guo,Jim Liu,Thomas Zhang ,Yuppie Yuan,Kenny Chen 

                             Jack Chen. Alice Sun, Jimmy Zhang, Eric Zhu


Marketing Manager: Andy Chen, Vivian Cui, Vincent Zhang,Diego Dong, Andy Yang. David Zhen


Production Manager: Simon Huang, Tom Ren,Jay Chou


Quality Inspection Manager: Mike Wang, Andy Liu,Alex Li, Bruce Zhao


Technical Manager : Edward Li, Alice Xu,Michael Yu,Allen Feng


Project Manager: Frank Chen, George Su,Martin Yao,Sam Yan


Lighting Designer: Jessica Shen,Sarah Yang,James He,Nick Ma,Paul Luo


Administration Manager: Lyn Chen. Jennifer Wang


Human Resources Manager: Susan Yuan. Mark Tian


Financial Manager:Jenny Wu. Katherine Jin,Peter Qian


Training Education: Lee Yu, Robert Wu


Warehouse & Logistic Manager: Tonny Wang. Douglas Zhang,Jerry Song, Leo Du 

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